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Considerations when buying a coffee machine

Considerations when buying a coffee machine

JYT 2022-06-10 18:22:17

Before purchasing a coffee machine, the first thing to be clear is that the equipment is important, but the understanding and experience of coffee roasting is the most important.


1. Provide a pump for extracting espresso pressure
There are two main types of water pumps for coffee machines on the market: vibrating pumps and rotary pumps.

Vibration pump: The principle is similar to a pump, which heats a certain amount of water into water vapor, and then uses the pressure generated by the conversion of water from liquid to gas in a closed space to extract coffee powder. The pressure value of the vibration pump is generally 15bar to Between 20bar, the pressure is relatively small and the pressure is not particularly stable, so the quality of the extracted coffee is relatively insecure.

Rotary pump: The principle is that the impeller rotates, and the pressure pump is directly used to pass the water vapor of the heating pot through the powder bowl to extract the coffee powder. I like the pressure value provided by the rotary pump is more stable than that of the vibration pump, and can be directionally changed during the extraction process. The extraction pressure is worth ensuring the stability of the quality of the extracted coffee.

At present, the high-end variable pressure coffee machines on the market basically use rotary pumps. The pressure of the water pump is the most important factor in determining the quality of the extracted coffee. For friends with sufficient budget and high requirements for coffee quality, it is recommended to buy a rotary pump. Coffee machine.

2. Timing function
If you have a regular schedule and drink a cup of coffee at a certain time every day, then you may need to pay attention to the timing function of the coffee machine(China coffee powder packing machine supplier). If the coffee machine has this feature, you can fill the coffee grounds with water, beans, etc. the night before. Set the timer for about five minutes before you want to drink coffee, and then there's a pot of hot coffee waiting for you.


3. Is there a built-in filter?

While a built-in filter is not necessary, it would be nice to have a built-in water filter. This allows you to pour tap water directly into the reservoir so it can be filtered as it is used.

If there is no built-in water filter, we may need to use a jar or faucet with a filter.


4. Standard size
The choice of standard size depends on the usage scenario and the number of users. A regular coffee maker can generally make 4, 8 or 12 cups of coffee. Smaller coffee makers take up less space, but can be inconvenient if you need to brew a lot of coffee at once.

Semi-automatic coffee machines are somewhere between capsule coffee machines and fully automatic coffee machines.


5. Ease of cleaning

After each coffee is made, the coffee machine needs to be cleaned regularly, so in order to increase the pleasure of use, it is recommended that you choose a coffee machine that is easy to disassemble and clean.


6. Is there a built-in coffee grinder
Generally speaking, the grinder built into the coffee machine(Coffee capsule filling machine manufacturer) is made of steel and ceramic. It can only be said that each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Steel is stronger and wear-resistant, but the sound will be louder. Ceramic will be quieter, but not as strong and wear-resistant as steel.