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The working principle of carton packaging machine

The working principle of carton packaging machine

JYT 2022-06-11 18:07:22

As we all know, the carton packaging in the gift box has a unique role. Good carton packaging is beautifully designed and the price is relatively high. Inexpensive and really the best choice for gift wrapping. The production of carton packaging certainly cannot rely solely on manual labor. The main production is machine production. So, what do you need to know about carton packaging machines?


Fully automatic carton packaging machine, the method of use is to wrap the packaged goods outside with shrink film. After heating, the shrink film shrinks and sticks to the surface of the packaged goods, which fully shows the improvement of the appearance of the goods, increases the beauty and value, and the packaged goods can achieve the purpose of sealing, moisture-proof and pollution. Anti-damage and anti-theft. It is suitable for various combinations of items and pallet packaging, this product is widely used in large product pallets, large pallet shrink wrap and whole pallet packaging. This carton packaging machine can be equipped with a radiation-proof polyethylene heat shrinkable film to protect the gloss of the product, and it is also waterproof, dust-proof, moisture-proof, and also has anti-oxidation and photochemical effects. The five-side sealing shrinkage mainly replaces the current winding packaging, which is more beautiful and complete. Transportation and installation are more convenient.


The machine integrates sealing and shrinking functions at one time. The entire process of sealing and shrinking is clearly visible through the transparent glass cover; the sealing is made of fiberglass gaps, and the cutter is sealed with a high-viscosity, high-temperature resistant nickel-chromium alloy. The seal is neat, not cracked, not coked. Equipped with a special roller pinhole device, which can completely discharge the air in the film; a sliding film holder, which can cover various specifications of shrink film and can be adjusted at will. It can run continuously for long periods of time without overheating the surrounding environment. PPS high temperature resistant material cutter head can withstand the test of long-term use; the height can be adjusted according to the package size. Equipped with stainless steel conveying net, the height can be adjusted arbitrarily, the product is automatically output after packaging by the carton packaging machine, and the production efficiency is doubled.


The carton automatic surface machine is designed as a conveyor belt extending from the inside to the outside on the frame, a box pressing device is arranged above the conveyor belt, and the box pressing device is designed on both sides and then the forming head equipment is designed under the conveyor belt; In this way, The whole process is done. In order to enable automatic laminators to improve production efficiency and product qualification rate, some machines are equipped with digital monitoring systems to solve any problems that arise during machine operation in a timely manner.


In the existing carton packaging machine, the push-back mechanism for pushing the carton into the working position is complicated in structure, and the working effect is not ideal. The object of the present invention is to provide a carton package with reasonable structure and good working performance. The technical solution of the present invention is a carton packaging machine (China tea box packing machine supplier), which includes a push-back mechanism for pushing the carton into the working position, and the push mechanism for pushing the contents into the cardboard box is characterized in that: The push-back mechanism includes: a power rocker arm. The rocker arm is connected with the parallelogram four-bar linkage mechanism through the shaft, and the connecting rod of the parallelogram four-bar linkage mechanism is connected with the pusher that pushes the cardboard box.


Fold over the die-cut cardboard on the table and glue evenly on the small sides on both sides; lift up the four sides of the stuck cardboard paper, press the large side against the small side, and use. The rubber bands of both carton packers are tight. Stack them on trays at the wrong 45° angle, do self-checks, hang signs, and transfer to the next process after air-drying.


Apply glue evenly on the surface paper of the box body, and place the box shape exactly on the frame line on the back of the surface paper; put it on the auxiliary block, and bend the four sides downward at a 90° angle. Take the auxiliary block and take off the bleed edge, fold it inwards, and use a bamboo spatula to smooth out the four sides of the box so they are fully glued together; with the box upright (continued), use your thumb nail to scrape the four sides edges and corners. Then place on the assist block and use the flannel to wipe the tissue paper from the inside out. If there are any glue stains, wipe them off with flannel dipped in ethanol. Expel air to make a tight connection; punch holes and make sure they are in the correct positions.

In fact, as long as you understand these, you can understand the carton packaging machine.