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How to pack toothpicks faster?

How to pack toothpicks faster?

JYT 2022-06-15 17:27:08

Everyone knows that toothpicks are a common daily necessities in our lives. In recent years, with the development of society. Manual toothpick packaging has been unable to meet the needs of the market. In order to improve production efficiency and reduce production costs, the toothpick automatic packaging machine control system can automatically complete the frequency conversion speed regulation to send toothpicks, cutting, sealing, automatic counting, stable operation and high production efficiency.


Toothpick packing machine is a multifunctional model that can pack various materials. It has functions such as double-sided two-color printing, automatic gluing, counting, drying, and intelligent constant temperature control system. It can be packaged with single- or double-tip toothpicks.

(China coffee stirrers packing machine factory)

The automatic coffee stick packing machine is suitable for packing coffee sticks with materials such as paper or OPP/CPP film.


main feature
1. This machine can automatically complete all tasks such as counting, bag making, filling, sealing, slitting and counting.
2. It is printed with flexographic water-based ink, and two colors can be printed on both sides.
3. Automatic timing measurement, saving measurement cost and high efficiency.
4. The length of the coffee stick depends on the customer's request.
5. A variety of automatic alarm protection functions can effectively reduce material loss and ensure work safety.


The above is an introduction to how to pack toothpicks faster. Friends in need can contact us.