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How to put cut tobacco in a hookah?

How to put cut tobacco in a hookah?

JYT 2022-06-15 18:19:57

Shisha is a tobacco product originating in the Middle East, made with tobacco and honey or fruit, and smoked through a hookah. According to WHO documents, hookahs are similar to cigarettes. Hookah (Arabic: // ‎; English: hookah) is a type of tobacco product that is smoked after filtering with water (or other liquid) using a special tool "shisha", mainly popular in the Middle East. The tobacco it uses is mixed with honey or a variety of fruits, with apple, orange, pineapple, strawberry, and even coffee, gum and cola flavors. So how do you put tobacco in a hookah by yourself?


The three-layer method". In this method, each layer is added evenly, and one layer is tighter than the first.


Layer 1: Gently rub the tobacco into the bowl until it naturally overflows the bowl. Then use "Child's Hand" and gently press with your fingers until the bucket is half full (using your fingers can better sense and control the force, which cannot be achieved with dead objects such as pressing sticks).


Second layer: Rub in tobacco, add to overflow, then press to 2/3 to 3/4 bucket full using "Woman's hand".


Layer 3: Rub and sprinkle tobacco until overflowing, then use Man's hand to compress the top layer. Finally, use your finger to test the stuffed tobacco for "elasticity", if it's lifeless when pressed, it means the stuffing is too tight; if it collapses, it means it's too loose.


Finally, try a few puffs before lighting to see if you feel the same resistance as drinking a drink through a straw. If it didn't feel right, I had to empty the tobacco and reload it. However, the test should also take into account empirical factors such as the size of the bowl, tobacco cutting and humidity, and make flexible judgments. A reminder, do not add tobacco halfway, and try not to clean up the pipe after smoking a pipe, and then continue with another pipe. This all affects the flavor. In fact, with continuous practice, each pipe smoker will definitely develop a filling technique that suits him, and eventually reach an advanced level of unconscious proficiency.

The above is the method for manual operation of hookah shredded tobacco. If the amount is large, it is recommended to choose a hookah tobacco filling machine(China tobacco filling machine factory). This machine produced by our company can automatically complete the processes of mixing, metering and filling. It is easy to operate and can save time and cost better.