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What structures does the filling machine have?

What structures does the filling machine have?

JYT 2022-11-25 17:54:27

General points: self-flowing filling machine: mainly for small doses of liquids with low viscosity; the lowest cost.


Plunger filling machine: similar to the principle of a syringe, it is mainly for small doses, can have viscosity, and can be paste; the most advanced one is the servo plunger filling machine.

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Flow meter filling machine: adopts flow meter measurement, mainly for oils and fats above 1 liter, which can have viscosity and the best way; among them, the advanced one is single head, single pump and single frequency conversion flow meter filling machine.


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There is also a relatively popular sauce filling machine, (tomato sauce packaging filling machine wholesales china)which belongs to the piston type automatic filling machine, which is easy to operate and accurate in filling volume.


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