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Application of blister packaging machine in milk tablet packaging

Application of blister packaging machine in milk tablet packaging

2022-11-24 16:05:43

Milk tablets, as a deep-processed product of milk, (China automatic pill packing machine supplier)are made of pressed milk powder, vegetable creamer, whey protein powder, sucrose, etc., and are a nutritious instant snack. At present, 90% of milk tablet packaging adopts a flat blister packaging, which plays an important role in storage and transportation.

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Flat blister packaging, also known as PTP packaging (Press through Packaging), is to fill the contents into a blister that is vacuum-absorbed (blown) or molded, and put the lid material such as aluminum foil under a certain pressure and a certain temperature. It is heat-sealed and sealed with the foam-forming substrate under a certain period of time. The main body of the cover material is aluminum foil made of 99% electrolytic aluminum after rolling.(China automatic blister packaging machine factory) It is the most widely used metal material in packaging. the quality of the contents. After one side of the aluminum foil is printed, the surface is coated with a layer of protective agent, and the other non-printed side is coated with a layer of adhesive, which is convenient for heat sealing with the blister material.


The main function of the protective layer is to prevent the surface of the aluminum foil from oxidative deterioration, to protect the ink layer from falling off, and to prevent the ink from contacting the inner adhesive and contaminating the contents when the aluminum foil is mechanically wound. The main function of the adhesive is to meet the sealing performance of the blister package, and it is required to be evenly coated on the aluminum foil. Most of the blister materials are PVC or PVDC hard sheets. Although PVC has a significant gap compared with PVDC in water vapor, gas and light barrier properties, it has a price advantage. For contents that are not particularly sensitive to water, oxygen and light, The packaging barrier effect of "PVC+aluminum foil" is enough.

Milk tablets are rich in protein and fat. If they are not stored properly, they are prone to oxidation and deliquescence, which will reduce their nutritional value, and even produce peculiar smell and agglomeration, which will affect consumption. In order to ensure that milk tablets can have a long shelf life and avoid the above problems, it is necessary to use high-barrier packaging materials and excellent sealing technology for protection.