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Why are potato chips so expensive?

Why are potato chips so expensive?

JYT 2022-07-02 18:08:26

Potato chips have been busy recently, and once became the central "character" of major hot spots. "Eating chicken game potato chips" was born and quickly became a popular item on the Internet; the concept of "eat only half of potato chips" has also become a hot topic; if you want to talk about it, it is Pepsi. A few days ago, PepsiCo announced a capital increase of nearly 100 million US dollars to expand and renovate its Shanghai Songjiang Food Factory, adding a new production line. After the completion of this investment, PepsiCo's Songjiang plant will increase its potato chip production capacity to meet the growing demand of Chinese consumers.


It can be seen that people's friendship for potato chips is really "Peach Blossom Lake is a thousand feet deep"! However, after eating potato chips for so many years, do you know how potato chips are packaged? Have you ever seen a potato chip automatic packaging production line?


The high-speed automatic potato chip packaging machine produced by our company can automatically complete the whole process of feeding, measuring, filling and sealing, date printing and conveying, and discharging. High measurement accuracy and high efficiency.It is suitable for customers who have high requirements on precision performance, a wide range of materials, and no special packaging requirements. Beautifully packaged with a firm seal.


China automatic chips packing machine factory

Of course, the reasons why potato chips are expensive are:

1. The cost of the compound potato chip production line is relatively high. The domestic equipment price is generally around 1.5 million, excluding chips and packaging machines. Foreign equipment is basically more than 10 million.

2. This production line is relatively expensive in the food industry, and its technical content is relatively high. But the output is low. Generally smooth, 250 kg per hour is not bad. Even if you work 2 shifts a day, you can't do much. What's more, long-term high-load use may easily cause equipment damage.

3. Regarding labor, even if the automated production line does not include chips and packaging, at least six people are required. If the chip requires manual labor, about 10 people are needed for one category alone. Labor costs are so high now.

4. At present, there are no more than 100 companies producing compound potato chips in China. There are many large enterprises, and the cost of publicity, promotion, supermarket system, etc. cannot be ignored.

5. Many bulk potato chips on the market are also produced by manufacturers(China bean packing machine manufacturer), but it is a matter of different packaging forms and different distribution channels.

6. There are two kinds of potato chips, one is fresh-cut potato chips and the other is compound. Fresh-cut equipment costs a bit more. The composite raw materials are potato starch, snowflake powder and so on. Raw materials are not cheap.


The above is a brief introduction to the reasons why potato chips are expensive. Our company also produces the same type of products salt packing machine China supplier.