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Correct installation method of edible oil filling machine

Correct installation method of edible oil filling machine

JYT 2022-03-17 15:18:56

No matter what industry you are engaged in, safety is the first priority, because human life is priceless, and any high commission fees can not be exchanged for a healthy body. Therefore, no matter what kind of labor you are engaged in, you must pay attention to safety. Especially in the production and processing industry, we must operate with caution and cherish life. With the continuous improvement of the social economy, the degree of mechanical automation has also been greatly improved, which has brought convenience to our production operations, but there are also great hidden dangers buried in it. The main reason is the irreparable trauma caused by improper human operation. The machine is fixed, but the manpower operating the machine is flexible. Therefore, in order to complete the production safely, the first line must restrict people's self-control, and strictly follow the equipment. Only operating according to the operating procedures can effectively ensure safe production, and personal safety can also be effectively guaranteed.



Safety production, starting from a little bit, the key is the installation of edible oil filling machine equipment. Completing the installation of the machine according to the technical requirements is half of the success. Today, I will share with you the correct installation method of the edible oil filling machine. :

1. Take the air filter pressure regulating valve out of the edible oil filling machine chassis and install it on the right panel on the front of the chassis. Unscrew the two-piece oil cup, and pour in good lubricating oil to the horizontal line, about 20ml, do not fill up.

2. Insert the compressed air pipe into the air inlet of the two-unit (Φ8 pipe, Φ10 pipe) and open the air compressor outlet valve, adjust the two knobs on the top of the two-unit, the right side is the pressure adjustment. Rotate clockwise to increase the pressure, rotate counterclockwise to decrease the pressure, and adjust the pressure at 0.3-0.4Mpa (3-4kg/C㎡). Use up a cup of oil in 10-15 working days, and then add it.

3. Check the electrical parts of the edible oil filling machine and whether the connectors are firm.

4. Turn on the power supply 220V, and connect the ground wire to ensure safety. The working voltage of this machine is the safe voltage DC 24V.

5. Put the foot switch in front of the table of the edible oil filling machine, and the foot pedal works once at a time. If the foot is not loosened, the equipment will work continuously.

6. Connect the oil inlet pipeline, connect it with a steel wire hose, wrap the interface with a sealing tape, and fasten it with a steel wire to prevent air leakage. The pipeline is not allowed to install filter equipment.

7. Adjust the metering magnetic switch of the edible oil filling machine to the corresponding filling position, based on the upper end of the magnetic switch, and then fill the test, and fill it several times until the air in the pipeline is exhausted.、


After the installation is complete, you can debug the device according to the operating instructions of the device.