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Operation points of drip coffee

Operation points of drip coffee

JYT 2022-03-18 16:24:53

Drip coffee is a common method used by baristas. The so-called drip type is to put the coffee powder into the filter first, and then pour in the water, and the hot water that dissolves the coffee will flow into the cup through the filter.

In fact, this seemingly simple brewing method still has many skills in operation. It takes a lot of practice to brew a stable coffee. So what should be paid attention to when brewing drip coffee?

First, there is no way to control the extraction time since the drip coffee is extracted and filtered at the same time

Secondly, according to the amount of coffee powder, and the particle size, the extraction time is also different.

Also, the extraction time varies depending on the coffee drain rack used.

The above three points all emphasize the difference in extraction time. It can be seen that the difference in extraction time can directly affect the taste of coffee. Because the extraction of coffee flavor substances is divided into two steps, the first step is the precipitation of flavor substances on the surface of coffee, which is very fast. The other step is to move from the coffee center to the coffee surface, this step is carried out slowly. Therefore, the longer the extraction time is, the more substances are precipitated, and because the sour substances are generally all precipitated within 3 minutes, while the bitter substances may be precipitated in 5 minutes or longer, so in terms of taste, the longer the extraction time, the coffee will be relatively It's a little harder, and that's why.

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In addition, there are also requirements for temperature, high temperature molecules move fast, and precipitation will be fast. The lower the temperature, the slower the movement is, so you can also adjust the coffee taste by controlling the temperature

At the same time, the size of the coffee particles will also make the coffee surface and the water contact surface different, resulting in the precipitation of small particles of flavor substances faster than the precipitation of large particles of coffee flavor substances.

So the above three factors are the three factors that can affect the flavor of coffee when brewing coffee. Here we default to the case of the same coffee varieties and the same ingredients.

So for the drip brewing method, how should it be brewed? Also depends on what kind of coffee drain rack you are using. There are many types of coffee drain racks, with one large hole, one small hole and three small holes. Then for such different situations, the flow rate of the coffee liquid is also different. A large hole will hardly cause coffee retention, and a small hole will definitely cause coffee liquid retention, so the extraction time between them is different. When there is a direct flow of coffee liquid, the method of pouring water is a little simple, and there is no need to pay attention to it. The extraction of coffee begins when the hot water is poured in. On the other hand, for the coffee draining rack without coffee liquid retention, if only a little position is added when pouring water, the remaining positions will be incompletely extracted, and this is because the surface material has been precipitated, and the inner material is precipitated very slowly, so the brewed coffee will be light. So do you know why we were asked to fill the circle with water? In order to get all the coffee to be fully extracted.

There are also some considerations for the choice of coffee pot. Like I said earlier, there is no requirement for a stand-in drain rack for a pot. But for drain racks beyond that, pot selection is also important.

In general, if the mouth is thin and the water is thin, and the root of the spout is thin, the water flow will be more rapid, which is easy to brew unevenly, so it is not recommended. The spout is thick, and the water flow is too large and unstable, so it is recommended to use a pot with a thin spout and a thicker bottom of the spout. In this way, you can brew more comprehensively as needed when pouring water.

So how can you brew coffee with a stable taste with a drip-type?

More practice is the constant truth. At the same time of practice, of course, there must be the correct method, for example, you need a high-precision thermometer, a coffee timer weighing scale, etc. Then carefully record every taste. But don't wait too long between the two, because as we said, the taste of coffee will change after a long time.

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