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What are the uses of the automatic cartoning machine?

What are the uses of the automatic cartoning machine?

JYT 2022-03-19 16:47:22

In daily life, there are many places where automatic cartoning machines can be used, and automatic cartoning machines are used in most fields. Cartoning machines belong to the type of automatic packaging machinery, and there are many types of them. It is also divided into horizontal cartoning machine and vertical cartoning machine. The cartoning machine has the function of opening the box. Multifunctional automatic cartoning machine The cartoning machine developed by Nuobei automatic equipment can automatically put the products into the carton, the packaging (instructions, etc.) can also be put into the carton centimeter, and can also complete the color box, unpacking, packaging, packaging Actions. Therefore, the main scope of automatic packaging machines are: food industry: enzyme bottles, meal replacement powder, brown sugar, quick-frozen dumplings, egg yolk crisps, ice cream, egg rolls, chocolate, biscuits, bread, bagged coffee, seasoning bags, milk powder, etc.


Daily use industry: pods, atomizers, masks, gloves, thermos cups, eyebrow pencils, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soaps(2022 new soap cartoning machine ), pens, face towels, paper towels, tampons and other carton packaging products.

Cosmetics industry: mask, facial cleanser, cream, lotion, eyebrow pencil, lipstick, lipstick, cotton pad, perfume and other boxed products.

Pharmaceutical industry: medicine bottles, masks, medicine tablets, vials, injections, oral liquids, disinfectant sprays, ampoules, bagged granules, plasters, ointments, aerosols and other boxed products.

3c electronics industry: mobile phone case, tempered film, headphone cable, data cable, power bank, ring buckle, mobile phone holder and other carton packaging products.

Hardware and electrical appliances: bearings, flashlights, throttle valves, calculators, light bulbs, switches, sockets, sliders, relays and other carton packaging products.

Auto parts industry: mobile phone brackets, brake pads, spark plugs, filters, car light bulbs, motorcycle light bulbs, piston rings, automotive electronics and other products.

Plastic industry: tin foil rolls, plastic wrap rolls, plastic products and other carton packaging products.

Stationery industry: boxing and packaging lines for paintbrushes, staplers, printing pads, playing cards, puzzles, toys, handicrafts and other products.