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Fruit packing machine

Fruit packing machine

JYT 2022-02-24 15:11:53


Fruit is a regular food in many people's homes. However, with the improvement of citizens' living standards, the packaging of fruits is an important process for merchants, which requires the use of fruit packaging machines. Today, large and small manufacturers have applied this machine, and their sales have increased to varying degrees.

When it comes to packaging, I believe many businesses understand the importance of packaging design. Product packaging acts as a coat for a product, because when consumers buy, they often see the packaging design first, not the product itself.

Therefore, a good packaging design must have a visual impact in order to attract the attention of consumers and thus gain more profits in sales. Many factors will affect the visual impact of the packaging. The packaging design of the fruit packaging machine is no exception.

Fruit packaging design must have characteristics in order to better meet the preferences of consumers. Different consumers have different personalities. A package with a targeted personality color is easier to meet the needs of consumers, and it is easier to communicate and interact with consumers. This is also an important issue that cannot be ignored in fruit packaging design.

The design of fruit packaging should be timely and accurate in information communication. Too many central elements on the packaging will often weaken the attractiveness of the packaging itself and make consumers feel hesitant about the product.

The packaging machine adopts PLC + man-machine interface control system. In actual operation, the characteristics are stable and reliable, and the service life has also increased significantly.
1.3-axis servo drive system: The end sealing unit, film feeding and feeding chain are all independently driven by servo motors.
2. Humanized man-machine interface control, 7.4-inch color display.
3. The bag length, slitting and feeding are independently controlled, and the production conversion is convenient and fast.
4. Servo drive control, accurate bag length.
5. The feeding position parameters are set and saved through the touch screen, and automatically positioned when the production is switched.
6. The drive transmission parts are largely eliminated, which greatly reduces noise, vibration, maintenance, and improves the accuracy and operation ability.

As far as the current machinery and equipment are concerned, the machinery and equipment are equipped with automatic detection and automatic frequency conversion and speed regulation equipment, which can automatically adjust the speed according to the company's production and processing needs. When there are related problems such as no feeding, the automatic detection function of the fruit packaging machine can automatically detect and stop working to prevent accidents or waste resources on packaging products, saving the company's production costs.

Of course, different fruits have different sizes, so of course the required fruit packaging machines are not all the same. At this time, you need to consult the Foshan Jayant Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. fruit packaging machine manufacturer, and we will also Create a suitable packaging solution for you.