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How to choose a tea packaging machine manufacturer?

How to choose a tea packaging machine manufacturer?

JYT 2022-02-25 16:37:31

Tea packaging machines on the market can be used for automatic packaging of tea, health products, food and other materials. Compared with the previous manual packaging, this mechanized packaging can meet the functions of moisture-proof, odor-proof volatilization, and fresh-keeping.

Taking bagged tea as an example, using a tea packaging machine for packaging, you can first put the material into the inner bag, and then put the inner bag into the outer bag, so that the inner and outer bags can be packaged at the same time. The degree of automation is high, and the tea packaging machine can be used automatically. Complete bag making, measuring, filling, sealing, slitting, counting and other processes.

In addition, the tea packaging machine of Foshan Jayant Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. can quickly change the packaging bag specifications according to the needs of the packaging process, and the width can be adjusted easily and quickly by adjusting the handle, which not only improves the packaging efficiency, but also ensures the tea packaging effect. 

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1. Moisture-proof:
Moisture in tea leaves is the medium for the biochemical changes of tea leaves, and low moisture content is conducive to the preservation of tea quality. The water content in the tea should not exceed 5%, and 3% is better for long-term storage, otherwise the ascorbic acid in the tea will be easily decomposed, and the color, aroma and taste of the tea will change, especially at higher temperatures. Speed ​​will increase. Therefore, when packaging, a composite film with good moisture-proof performance, such as aluminum foil or aluminum foil vapor-deposited film as the base material, can be used as the packaging material for moisture-proof packaging.

2. Anti-oxidation:
Excessive oxygen content in the package will lead to the oxidative deterioration of some components in the tea. For example, ascorbic acid is easily oxidized into deoxyascorbic acid, and further combines with amino acids to cause pigment reaction, which will worsen the taste of tea.
Therefore, the oxygen content in tea packaging must be effectively controlled below 1%. In packaging technology, inflatable packaging or vacuum packaging can be used to reduce the presence of oxygen. Vacuum packaging (powder packaging machine) technology is to put tea into a soft film packaging bag with good air tightness, remove the air in the bag during packaging, create a certain degree of vacuum, and then seal the packaging method; inflatable packaging technology The purpose is to keep the color, aroma and taste of the tea stable and maintain its original quality.


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3. Anti-high temperature:
Temperature is an important factor affecting the change of tea quality. The difference in temperature is 10℃, and the rate of chemical reaction is different by 3 to 5 times. High temperature tea will aggravate the oxidation of the contained substances, resulting in the rapid reduction of effective substances such as polyphenols and accelerated quality deterioration. According to the implementation, the storage temperature of tea leaves is better below 5°C. When the temperature is 10-15℃, the color of the tea leaves will decrease slowly, and the color and luster effect can also be maintained well. When the temperature exceeds 25℃, the color and luster of the tea will change rapidly. Therefore, tea leaves are suitable for storage at low temperatures.

4. Shading:
Light can promote the oxidation of substances such as chlorophyll and lipids in tea leaves, (liquid packaging machine) increases the odor substances such as valeraldehyde and propionaldehyde in tea leaves and accelerates the aging of tea leaves. Therefore, when packaging tea leaves, light must be blocked to prevent Other components such as chlorophyll and lipids undergo photocatalytic reactions. In addition, ultraviolet rays are also an important factor in causing the deterioration of tea leaves. To solve such problems, shading packaging technology can be used.

5. Air resistance:
The aroma of tea leaves is easily lost, and it is easily affected by external odors, especially the residual solvent of the composite film and the peculiar smell decomposed by electric ironing and heat-sealing treatment, which will affect the flavor of tea leaves and affect the aroma of tea leaves. Therefore, tea must be packaged to avoid escaping aroma from the package and absorbing odors from the outside world. The packaging material of tea must have certain gas barrier properties.

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