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What are the five reasons for the failure of automatic packaging machines?

What are the five reasons for the failure of automatic packaging machines?

JYT 2022-02-28 15:10:04

As technology has entered the era of automatic mechanization, the advent of automatic packaging machines has greatly improved production efficiency. However, due to improper operation methods or incomplete maintenance methods in the production and use of enterprises, various failures of automatic packaging machines will occur. Below Jayant packaging machine manufacturers summarize the following five reasons.


1. Although I saw that the automatic packaging machine was out of order, I didn't pay attention to it and turned a blind eye;

2. It is believed that such problems as automatic packaging machines do not exist, and it is regarded as disregarding;

3. The skill level is not enough, and the existence of defects cannot be seen;

4. No matter if there is a problem with the automatic packaging machine, it is about to get off work and wait for the successor to do it. Torrey's thinking is serious;

5. When dealing with the failure of the automatic packaging machine, it was careless and careless.


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Daily maintenance that needs to be done:

1. Regularly check the parts, once a month, check whether the worm gear, worm, bolts on the lubricating block, bearings and other movable parts are flexible and whether there is wear. If any abnormality is found, repair it in time.

2. The packaging machine should be installed in a dry and clean environment, and should not work in an environment containing acids and other corrosive substances to the human body.

3. After using or stopping the operation, take out the drum, brush the remaining powder in the bucket, and then install it for the next use.

4. If the packaging machine is not used for a long time, the whole must be wiped and cleaned. The smooth surface of each part should be coated with anti-rust oil and covered with a cloth.


Advantages of automatic packaging machine:

1. Compared with manual labor, the automatic packaging machine saves the process of recruiting and retaining people. The packaging machine can work around the clock without holidays and withstand greater work pressure;

2. Hygiene and energy saving: no manual participation is required, and the packaging process is clean;

3. The automatic packaging machine has high working efficiency, fast packaging speed and high efficiency, which is unmatched by ordinary labor;

4. The operation is convenient and fast. It can automatically take bags, code, open bags, fill, clean, and seal multiple processes at one time. It can be automated and set unmanned operation.