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Product characteristics and working principle of candy packaging machine

Product characteristics and working principle of candy packaging machine

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Candy packaging machine is a machine for packaging candy. Candy packaging machine can quickly pack candy, and the quality of packaging is also very good. Compared with traditional manual packaging, the packaging efficiency and packaging quality of candy packaging machine are both high. very good.Then let's take a look at the product characteristics and working principle of the candy packaging machine.

Product characteristics of candy packaging machine

The production of candy packaging machines has a history of thousands of years. Candy packaging machines also range from manual packaging to semi-automatic packaging, to fully automated packaging, to multi-functional candy packaging machines. At present, the characteristics of the general candy packaging machines on the market are as follows:

1. The bag maker of the candy packaging machine is a special tool, which can better adapt to the current packaging requirements of multiple varieties and specifications.
2. The differential feeding method makes it easy to adjust the feeding position during the operation of the machine. Sliding horizontal sealing mechanism, the center height of the horizontal sealing can be adjusted up and down arbitrarily;
3. The microcomputer packaging controller can achieve complete automation, which can save labor costs. The excellent man-machine dialogue mode enables the speed, bag length, and tangent position detection to be displayed directly on the interface. Frequency conversion speed regulation, convenient and simple;
4. Imported color mark detector, which makes the color mark detection more accurate. Reticulate, straight and vertical seals are optional.



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 the working principle of candy packaging machine

The structure of the general candy packaging machine is divided into coding machine, straight grain middle sealing wheel, mesh end sealing mould and super large touch screen. The working principle of the candy packaging machine is relatively simple. The following is a brief introduction to the pillow type candy packaging machine as an example:

The pillow-type packaging machine uses the operation of the variable frequency stepless speed regulation motor to generate power, and then drives the toothed chain continuously variable transmission to rotate through the belt; the speed regulation of the variable speed chain in the gearbox continuously changes the running speed, and is transmitted by the synchronous belt. The planetary differential mechanism is used to adjust the conveying length of the paper film. The output shaft of the gearbox drives the paper film pressing roller to rotate and convey the paper film through the chain drive. The setting of the paper film output length can be performed manually on the toothed chain governor. And in the packaging process, it is monitored by photoelectric tracking color code.

At the same time, the gearbox is also driven by multiple sets of chains to realize the packaging object. Movement of conveyor belt, paper pulling wheel, pressing wheel, horizontal sealing knife and finished product conveyor belt. With the development of science and technology, multi-functional candy machines and multi-functional candy packaging machines have now appeared.

The above is the detailed content of "Product Features and Working Principles of Candy Packaging Machine". If you have any questions, you can consult Jiayite, the manufacturer of candy packaging machines.