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Purchase skills of powder filling machine

Purchase skills of powder filling machine

JYT 2022-02-21 15:21:36

With the development of science and technology, most of the current powder products use mechanized filling instead of the original manual operation, which improves the productivity, guarantees the product quality, and can reduce the mutual pollution between the production environment and the loaded materials.

In the current development, the powder filling machine has become the main equipment for the production of food, beverage and daily chemical industries. The common products it can fill are: leech powder, pepper powder, traditional Chinese medicine powder, milk powder, coffee powder, etc. The wide range of uses makes it favored by enterprises, and the purchase heat has only increased in recent years.

Enterprises use the functions of filling equipment to achieve product filling, so that the packaging of flawless products can increase sales in the market. Powder filling machine manufacturers carry out special design according to different filling materials to make the powder filling machine more suitable for customer needs. Today, I will briefly introduce the classification and purchasing skills of powder filling machines, and teach you to easily master the classification and purchasing skills of powder filling machines.

The powder filling machine is mainly suitable for filling various powders, and can fill milk powder, coffee powder, beverage powder, cocoa powder, etc. Widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical industry and scientific research fields. In line with the national GMP requirements, buyers who want to buy it can first take a look at the following characteristics of the powder filling machine.



Spice powder filling machine manufacturer

The characteristics of Jiayite powder filling machine are as follows:
1. Human-machine interface setting, intuitive and convenient operation, PLC control, loading capacity.
2. Frequency conversion control, production speed can be adjusted arbitrarily, automatic counting.
3. Automatic shutdown function, no bottle filling.
4. The disc positioning filling is stable and reliable.

Powder filling machine operation process
1. Filling machine → capping machine (or sealing machine) → bottle aluminum foil sealing machine → labeling machine → inkjet printer → chain conveyor → packaging platform, and configure the assembly line according to product selection requirements;

2. The appearance of the whole production line of the whole machine is all stainless steel, and all mechanical structures are selected in accordance with the food and drug hygiene standards;

3. The entire line of equipment is designed according to GMP standards, which fully meets the national food and drug hygiene requirements. The full automatic action of the solid line ensures that the entire production process will not touch the product personnel, and the production process is completely transparent and more reliable;

4. The materials in contact with the inner wall of the container are polished, and the often-washing structure is connected by easy-to-remove parts to ensure hygienic and convenient handling when shifting or changing products;