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Automatic Screw Counting Packing Machine

Automatic Screw Counting Packing Machine

JYT 2022-02-21 16:02:16


Jiayite screw packaging machine is equipped with high-precision technical control device and linear vibration arrangement device to ensure that each bag is accurate. Easy to understand, automatically displays the number of packages, and can easily count the workload of the machine.

The screw packing machine is suitable for packing: Fasteners: screws, bolts, nuts, washers, rivets, nails, etc. Plastic/rubber parts: Wall anchors, rubber O-rings, toys, Lego bricks, small plastic parts. Hardware accessories: hardware accessories, hardware connectors, hardware accessories, etc. Furniture accessories: furniture connectors, furniture fasteners, furniture accessories, furniture accessories, door handles, hinges, etc. Others: small hardware or plastic parts, regular or irregular shaped parts


Screw counting packing machine manufacturer


1. Using the PLC control system, the operation is simple.

2. The vibrating plate runs smoothly, has low noise, does not damage the raw materials, and is easy to operate; according to the characteristics of the materials, it can be packaged by optical fiber counting and weighing

3. Each vibrating plate is equipped with a material full stop, material shortage alarm or stop device to ensure that each bag is accurate. The equipment has a self-diagnosis function, and can automatically alarm or stop when a fault occurs (the alarm or shutdown can be selected by the user). It is equipped with an emergency stop button, which is convenient for operation.

4. The packaging machine equipment can realize the automatic arrangement, automatic counting, filling, packaging and conveying of materials. The length of the product packaging bag can be adjusted at will, the packaging weight can be controlled by itself, the packaging quantity can be automatically displayed, and the workload of the machine can be easily counted.

5. The equipment has a reliable protective function (all dangerous parts are equipped with protective devices)

6. Each vibrating plate in the equipment can be turned on or off at will to facilitate production needs. It adopts microcomputer control system and is equipped with Chinese and English man-machine interface, which is easy to operate, easy to adjust and has a high degree of automation.

When purchasing a fully automatic screw packaging machine, please explain the material condition, packaging method, bag size, expected output, etc. to Jiayite customer service, so as to provide you with suitable models. If you have any other technical requirements, you can also explain to our customers that our company has enough strength to meet the needs of customers. "Integrity is our promise, service is our quality" We sincerely look forward to working with your company happily! At the same time, interested friends are also welcome to visit our company for inspection and negotiation, and you can also mail the materials to our company for testing and proofing!

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