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Let us help you choose the right coffee packaging machine

Let us help you choose the right coffee packaging machine

JYT 2022-02-22 15:55:24


Today, there are a wide variety of coffee packaging on the market. How do you choose the right coffee packaging machine for you?
Now let Jiayite coffee packaging machine manufacturer and you introduce how to choose a suitable coffee packaging machine. Now the machine is customized, so before determining the machine, we first need to determine the requirements of the packaging bag, the requirements of the packaging bag are as follows:

1. Barrier performance
The bag needs to be sealed to keep the beans fresh. You can see how well the seal is working by seeing if the bag is fitted with a one-way inlet valve. Coffee is very sensitive to external influences, so, first of all, you need to put a barrier on the packaging, which will help avoid the interference of oxygen, UV rays and other factors. Today, many stand-up coffee bags have three-layer sheet metal or pure aluminum.

Alternatively, you can choose a double-layer high-barrier polyester laminate that keeps the beans fresh and is made of 100% plastic, including one-way water inlet valve and seal. These bags can be recycled in most Nordic countries. To prevent as much UV light from entering the bag as possible, consider using black or white polyester or printing a dense pattern.

2. Bag Type
There are many kinds of bags for packaging, so you should first determine the right bag according to your own ideas. The main types of bags are as follows:

(1) Stand-up bag;
(2) Corner bag;

3. Seal
Although bagged coffee loses its flavor quickly when opened, the bag keeps the beans fresh. Users need to pay attention that when pulling the seal, it is best to exhaust the internal air first. An unsealed bag is suitable for small quantities of the same item, which means it is more suitable for retail or household consumption.

When choosing a self-sealing bag, pay attention to the quality of the seal to effectively ensure the freshness of the coffee and allow the user to use up each coffee bean.

4. Labels
The specialty coffee industry loves their labels, and rightly so. You need a good label that states where the coffee came from, how it was processed, the date it was roasted, and more information about the beans. Don't rush to design. This critical element takes a lot of time to complete.

For commonly used bags, you may need larger pre-printed logos and labels. But for custom bags, small, clean labels can convey the coffee’s message, and the packaging design can better reflect the brand’s image.

Try to match the label material to the bag. Matte plastic or paper labels are suitable for dull surfaces. Shiny labels are better for shiny bags. Matt's clear plastic labels work best on kraft paper bags.

Printing your own labels is cheaper and more flexible than buying ready-made labels. Buy a good label printer and make templates that fit your style so you can easily change the details. If color labels are required, pre-printed logos and illustrations from packaging suppliers can be used, as color cartridges for label printers are expensive.

The colors and fonts on the label have a big impact on customers, and different colors and fonts can be used to differentiate coffee bean information. Also, make sure the label information is intuitive and consistent. Customers can choose other coffee beans on the shelf if not explicitly stated.