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Several misunderstandings that Arabian hookah lovers often step on thunder!

Several misunderstandings that Arabian hookah lovers often step on thunder!

JYT 2022-03-22 15:40:26

Smoking a hookah is a pleasant pastime. When you start smoking hookah for the first time, it is easy to have some bad hookah smoking habits. Today, "i finds and draws" to help you find out these bad habits, and help you get rid of these bad habits~

1. Burning hookah charcoal dangers
The burning hookah charcoal is no joke, it's dangerous! Accidentally dropped on the carpet is likely to burn directly. It is even more dangerous to move the burning hookah charcoal. I hope everyone can get rid of this bad habit.
2. Do not use pliers to clamp several pieces of hookah charcoal at one time
It is best to use a coal rack, first transfer all the burning hookah carbon to the coal rack, and then carefully transfer the hookah carbon from the coal rack all the way to the smoke pot. When using tongs, be sure to use the tongs that grip the top and bottom of the coal, not the sides. Otherwise, too much shisha charcoal will fall off, so be sure to pay attention to safety while enjoying the shisha!

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3. Unclean water is dangerous
Everyone has times when they want to be a little lazy, but it will hurt your hookah in the long run. In this case, we need to pay special attention to changing the water in the hookah. Every time you use it, it will leave some smell in the water. If the water is not changed for a long time, it is easy to grow mold, and if it is sucked into the body, it is very, very bad for your health. If the hookah rod is exposed to water for a long time, it can rust or develop mineral deposits. Change the water after every hookah use! Believe me it's worth it.

4. Don't be lazy when making hookah
Making hookah is definitely an art. Different smoke pots and different shisha brands need to be made in different ways to perfectly show their charm. When making it, if you just throw your hookah into the pot with no intention, it won't smoke well. Sure, you'll get a hookah, but your hookah doesn't taste very good, it might burn, and it might not have a lot of power. You can refer to the tweet from last week for placing the cigarette cream. Paul taught how to do it better~
5. Lazy Foil Stretch
A good hookah experience is achieved with the correct use of aluminum foil, the role of the foil is to suspend the coal above the smoke pot and regulate the airflow/heat flow through the hookah. For the foil to be as tight as a drum, the holes need to be uniform in size and surround the smoke pan. Poking holes can encourage you to experiment until you find what works best for you, depending on your hobbies. Getting your foil as taut as possible is the key here, and taking a few seconds to do it seriously will make a huge difference.

Use a lighted hookah
What is carbon at the forefront of these bad habits? That is, when preparing the hookah, we always want to finish it quickly. The perfect preparation process does take a while, but it's well worth it. When it comes to lit shisha charcoal, choose well lit ones, using unlit shisha charcoal will give you a horrible taste and will heat very unevenly. On top of that, when your hookah charcoals light up initially, especially quickly, they can give off some nasty flavors. Leave the coals on the burner until they are completely covered with ash and are red.
careless handling of hoses
A little puff every time you smoke a hookah can cause those hot coals to fly away, or your hookah to fall to the ground. The hookah hose is an extension of the hookah itself and should be handled as such. The hose is attached to hot coals and fragile glass, and when smoking, pay attention to the fact that the hose is not knotted, the length of the hose, and the overall stability of the hookah itself. Remember these things, don't wave the hose at will, respect the hookah, and enjoy the hookah safely.

Too much water in the hookah

The hookah needs a lot of water, however, the water in the hookah needs to be the right amount, not too much water, which can cause the water to soak into the heart of the hookah as well as the hose, which can cause the gears to degrade over time. If you enjoy a hookah with too much water, it will soak your smoke pot when you use it, completely ruining your hookah flavor.