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The history of automation of tea bag packaging machine

The history of automation of tea bag packaging machine

JYT 2022-03-31 17:12:05

As the hometown of tea, my country has many products derived from it. There is one of the largest types of tea - teabags, which are sought after by most Chinese people. So how are tea bags made? This has to mention the tea bag packaging machine. Xiaobian, I will introduce it to you next.

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With the rapid development of science and technology, the tea bag packaging machine has exerted its own strength. On the road from the trough to the rapid development, it has broken through the original tea bag packaging equipment market and entered a new field. Now The continuous improvement of the country's induction ability has jointly driven the development of the packaging machine industry, and packaging machine manufacturers have gradually moved towards the direction of intelligence and automation. Teabag packaging machine is one of the important symbols of my country's modernization construction, which brings a broad space for the development of tea packaging machine.


Teabag packaging equipment for tea packaging, helping to launch packaging equipment. As a functionally stable packaging equipment, it ensures the accuracy and stability of the product through precise measurement and control of the servo motor, and has the function of automatic alarm and shutdown. When the machine finds fault or no material, the system will automatically alarm and stop waiting for the next operation to reduce the loss of tea material and packaging film. In conclusion, it is possible to maintain current production data to ensure continuity of production. The appearance and material contact parts of the whole equipment are made of stainless steel plates, which conform to the national GMP standard to ensure that the tea materials are not contaminated during the packaging process.


Teabag packaging machines still have a long way to go in the future, and Jiayite manufacturers are still optimizing. As an automatic packaging equipment, tea bag packaging equipment has always brought a good tea ceremony experience to the people.