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They are all dried tofu packaged by vacuum packaging machines. Why are their popularity different?

They are all dried tofu packaged by vacuum packaging machines. Why are their popularity different?

JYT 2022-04-01 16:06:22

Soybeans are one of the main crops in our country, and the bean skins, bean rolls, and dried bean curds that we often eat are all foods made from soybeans. They have a common feature that they are rich in protein. For modern consumers, especially some female consumers, in order to maintain their body, they have begun to implement vegetarianism, and these soy products are among the staple foods. Among these many soy products, a small package of dried bean curd In terms of being loved by consumers, the mini packaging and diversified taste can meet the preferences of different consumers. As a manufacturer of dried tofu, there are also many different innovations in the packaging of dried tofu. That is one of the main reasons for the different popularity of dried tofu packaged by vacuum packaging machines. So, what aspects of this innovation are reflected in? The following will take you to find out.

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Vacuum packaging machine can be said to be a commonly used packaging form for the food packaging industry. Vacuum packaging can extend the shelf life of food, facilitate the transportation and circulation of food, and facilitate consumers to open the bag and eat it. . It is because of this that most foods are packaged by vacuum packaging machines, but although they are all vacuum packaging, the appearance is different, and this difference is also corrected by different types of vacuum packaging machines. It is packaged, and in the process of vacuum packaging of dried tofu, it has mainly gone through the following stages.


For the vacuum packaging of the initial leisure dried tofu, a transparent color film packaging bag is used to package it. This packaging can clearly see the internal shape of the dried tofu, and according to the different tastes of the dried tofu, it will be The color of the outer packaging is distinguished. At present, this packaging form is also a more widely used packaging method. The packaging equipment used for this type of packaging is mainly distinguished according to the working capacity. One is a semi-automatic double-chamber vacuum packaging machine. This type of machine uses prefabricated bags in the process of packaging dried tofu. The process is to put the dried bean curd in the prefab bag first, then put it into the vacuum chamber in turn, and then close the lid to realize the vacuuming operation. The disadvantage of this model is that it is more labor-intensive for bagging and bagging, and the production capacity is relatively low.


For some large dried tofu processing enterprises, it is unable to meet their production needs. This requires another stretch film vacuum packaging machine to achieve. This model adopts automatic production in the entire operation process, and the entire packaging process can realize unmanned automatic production according to packaging requirements, which not only improves work efficiency, but also reduces labor costs, which saves costs while increasing production for enterprises. . This stretch film vacuum packaging machine is also a fully automatic vacuum packaging machine used more in the tofu packaging industry.


For consumers, the same packaging lacks the attractiveness of the product, and only by breaking the traditional concept can it occupy the new market. Therefore, dried tofu packed in aluminum foil bags came into being. This kind of dried tofu packed in aluminum foil bags can highlight the grade of the product from the appearance alone, so that consumers also have a refreshing feeling. Under the condition that the taste of the product is basically the same, And consumers are more willing to pay for this new form of packaging. At present, there are two main packaging equipments for this kind of aluminum foil packaged dried bean curd. Although the working principles of the two models are different, the production capacity of the two models is currently higher, and the main difference between them is that the stretch film vacuum packaging machine uses stretch film to replace the traditional prefabrication of bags. Bags are used to package dried tofu, while the automatic bag-feeding vacuum packaging machine uses prefabricated bags to package them. Which model to choose can be based on your own packaging requirements, and then combined with the relevant packaging solutions given by the technicians, and then make the corresponding selection!


Through the above introduction, it can be seen that the packaging of food is interrelated with the development of the times, and although the unchangeable packaging form can meet the basic requirements, consumers will also experience aesthetic fatigue after a long time. Only innovation can break this deadlock. With the continuous development and progress of science and technology in our country, more and more new technologies will be applied to our vacuum packaging machines, and more new packaging will also appear in front of us, let us look forward to it together !