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The relationship between tea packaging machine and rolling packaging machine

The relationship between tea packaging machine and rolling packaging machine

JYT 2022-03-15 14:55:41

Tea is a traditional drink in my country. It is divided into flower tea, green tea and so on. At present, many varieties of tea are packaged with packaging machines. Then the tea packaging machines I know have vacuum, quantitative packaging, or pillow type. There are also some teas that are packaged in a rolling packaging machine, because such as green tea, the tea may be smashed when it is vacuumed. Take a look at their differences below.


A simple packaging machine is that the upper studio can swing left and right. When one side is working, the other side can put products up, and then after the other side is finished, it can work continuously on this side, and then cycle back and forth.


This tea packaging machine is made of food grade 304 stainless steel, with good sealing, clean, hygienic, beautiful and durable. In line with food hygiene and anti-corrosion requirements, it is controlled by imported electrical appliances and has export standard manufacturing and national after-sales guarantee. , to extend the life of the product.


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The slightly larger one is the rolling packaging machine, which runs on the conveyor belt, transforming the continuous input motion into intermittent output motion, and realizing the continuous stop of the conveyor belt according to the specified parameters. When the input shaft rotates, the rollers on the index wheel roll along the cam ridge on the one hand, and on the other hand make the index wheel rotate along a given curve. In the static area of the cam, the roller rotates, the indexing wheel is static, and the cam rotates once to complete one indexing.


The rolling packaging machine has special technical advantages, its technology is reasonable, the movement is accurate and the transmission is stable, the output indexing precision is high, there is no accumulated error, the high-speed performance is stable, the failure rate is low, and the service life is long. And overcome the brake motor, the inherent error and noise caused by brake inertia.


Another convenient machine is the stretch film tea packaging machine. Its principle is to use a forming mold to heat the film first, and then use the forming mold to punch the shape of the container, and then put the packaging into the formed lower film. In the cavity, and then vacuum packaging! The stretch film vacuum packaging machine saves labor, has high efficiency, low packaging cost and is beautiful, but at the same time, a continuous stretch vacuum packaging machine of 300,000 to 400,000 yuan requires a large investment at one time. The following is what I know to buy stretch film Points to pay attention to in the film vacuum packaging machine.


The automatic bag-feeding packaging machine can quantitatively weigh and pack tea, and can also vacuumize the production equipment according to different requirements. It replaces manual packaging, and can pack liquid and paste such as shrimp slips, solid particles such as various nuts, preserves, and lumps such as pig trotters and duck wings. It realizes packaging automation for large and medium-sized enterprises. As long as a staff member puts hundreds of ready-made bags in the bag taking part of the equipment at one time, the mechanical claw of the equipment will automatically take the bags, print the date, open the bags, and signal the metering device. Measure and blank, seal and output.


The above is the information of the tea packaging machine and this rolling packaging machine. When packaging various kinds of tea, the packager needs to cooperate with the manufacturer to clarify the characteristics of different tea leaves, so as to choose the machine that suits them. If you have enough time, you can take a look at the working differences of different packaging machines to know the difference.