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What you don't know about packaging machines?

What you don't know about packaging machines?

JYT 2022-03-14 17:13:32

Are there any packaging machines on the market that are common to you?

Faced with all kinds of packaging machines, how should you choose?

Why is the price of the same device so different?

Three questions can solve most of your doubts.


First of all, we need to understand what the common packaging machines on the market have:

1: Small bag packaging machine, the packaging weight is small, the speed is fast, and the weight is generally measured in grams, just like the various small snacks we eat.

2: Middle bag packaging machine. The packaging weight is generally about 5-50 kg, and the packaging speed will be defined according to the material and output. The common ones are flour, rice, putty powder and the like.

3: ton bag packaging machine, the packaging weight is generally 500-2000KG, and the packaging speed is generally 60 bags/hour for semi-automatic, and 180 tons/hour for fully automatic.

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Two, How to choose?

From the above classification of packaging machines, we can choose your own packaging machine in detail, first determine what you need, and then define the purchase of this subdivision.

I have met many customers who ask how much is the first time? Will mine work?

In fact, as long as your product needs to be packaged and needs to be put into the packaging bag, then you can use the packaging machine, because the working principle of the packaging machine is basically that the gas is converted into electricity to cooperate with each other to drive the machine, so the use of some internal parts will be correct. Price has a big impact.
For example; load cells, like the sensors on the market now basically do two, of course, some have three, but it is really a price to install one, and then there is the reducer, the motor (the motor is divided into ordinary motor and explosion-proof motor). motor) sewing machine, hemming machine, etc.

In fact, it is one brand and one price. If we install domestic or non-brand components like these, the price of the machine you purchased as a whole is definitely not high, but if you use imported or relatively well-known brands, there may be Tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. This is also often said that you get what you pay for.