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Vegetable packing machine

Vegetable packing machine

JYT 2022-03-21 11:47:01

I believe that people who are interested have noticed that vegetables are sold in more and more bags. This has to mention the vegetable packaging machine. In fact, the vegetable packaging machine is presented in order to get used to the situation of many products. The machine is used instead of manpower to achieve the preservation of the product. The vegetable packaging machine saves a lot of manpower packaging time.

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But some people will be curious, do the vegetables packaged by the vegetable packaging machine keep for a long time? This has to mention several device structures of the vegetable packaging machine.

①Vegetable anti-pinch device It ensures the freshness of vegetables and achieves a longer shelf life, and prevents vegetable leaves from being clamped by the middle-sealing film structure during the packaging process.
② One of the configurations of the perforated fresh-keeping vegetable packaging machine is the perforated machine, which can be well ventilated and fresh, and punch holes according to the speed and bag length. The punching effect is good, there is no burr on the non-rotten edge, the packaging film will not be pulled to rot, and the hole shape of the bag is also beautiful.
③Vegetable anti-abrasion pulley To prevent the leaves from being abraded during the feeding process of vegetables, speed up the rot, and increase the height of the feeding plates on both sides. Bulk vegetable feed is smoother, does not fall apart, and packs more beautifully.
④Servo control knife end seal According to the height of various vegetables, adjust the height of the cutter (such as broccoli, cabbage, etc.), the servo control is more controllable and accurate.
⑤Anti-radiation advanced light sensor Air defense bag, automatic sensing of the conveying product condition, no product will not pass through the film will not be sealed and cut, there are materials to automatically identify all vegetable sealing and cutting bags of different lengths, there is no need to manually adjust the length of the bag.
⑥Servo-controlled knife end seal According to the height of various vegetables, adjust the height of the cutting knife (such as broccoli, cabbage, etc.), and the servo control is more controllable and accurate.


Under normal circumstances, the vegetable packaging machine produced by Jiayite packaging machine manufacturers, the preservation time of the products packaged by it is suitable for most merchants, and whether it is freshness or aesthetics, it is convenient for vegetable merchants Sale.