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Common problems and solutions of pillow packaging machine

Common problems and solutions of pillow packaging machine

JYT 2022-06-01 16:58:00

Pillow packaging machine is a continuous packaging machine with very strong packaging capacity, suitable for various specifications for food and non-food packaging. The common electric furnace wire heating method is used, which is characterized by fast heating, good stability, low maintenance cost, etc., the shrinkage temperature and motor transmission speed are stable and adjustable, and the adjustment range is wide.


However, the pillow packaging machine (bread packaging machine wholesale China) has been used for a long time, and there are often some problems. The following Xiaobian summarizes the common problems and solutions of pillow packaging machines.


1. No packaging film
Solution: replace with a new packaging film.
2. When the temperature is too high, the speed is too slow, and the heat resistance of the outer layer of the coating is poor, there will be traces of scorch on the seal.
Solution: increase the speed, lower the temperature, and replace the film material.
3. If the speed is too fast, the inner layer of the coating has poor heat sealing performance. When the temperature is too low, the sealing will leak or be unstable.
Solution: slow down the speed, increase the temperature, and replace the material of the film.
4. The knife seat is too high or too low, the packaging speed is too fast, and when the push rod and the cutter are not synchronized, the cutter will cut on the product
Solution: reduce the packaging speed, adjust the height of the end sealing parts, so that the center of the sealing knife is in the middle of the product height.
5. The color of the film color mark is too light, the film drive is slippery, and the cutting position will deviate from the color mark when the color mark tracking is not turned on.
Solution: In the tracking mode interface of the man-machine interface, switch the tracking mode to "tracking cut"; refer to the manual to adjust the sensing sensitivity of the electric eye; adjust the pressure of the glue stick or the tightness of the brake.
6. The solid-state circuit breaker is burned out, the temperature control meter is damaged, and the thermometer cannot control the temperature when the thermocouple is damaged. Solution: replace the galvanic couple, replace the temperature control meter, and replace the heating element.
7. The air pressure is wrong, the cylinder swing rod is loose, the heating temperature is low, and the heat-pressing roller is not parallel to the transmission roller, which will cause poor heat sealing
Solution: adjust the parallelism, adjust the temperature and air pressure to make it tight.


Pillow packaging machine (fruit and vegetable packaging machine factory) plays the role of moisture-proof, dust-proof and light-proof. Using pillow packaging machine saves more than 20% of the cost compared with manual bag packaging, and can be used with aluminum-plastic packaging machine and heat shrink packaging machine. And other mechanical linkage production. There is a problem with the pillow packaging machine, you can refer to the above methods to solve it.