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Purchasing packaging machine equipment must look at these four points

Purchasing packaging machine equipment must look at these four points

JYT 2022-05-30 17:54:23

Purchasing packaging machine equipment must look at these four points. Foshan Jiayite Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. pointed out that with the rapid development of the industry today, the food industry will often use packaging machine equipment(sugar packing machine China factory). The emergence of packaging machinery has also brought opportunities and development to the food industry. When purchasing packaging machine equipment, we must understand the following four points.


1. Packaging quality

Although food packaging machinery can protect food and prolong the container period of food, if the quality of the packaging machine equipment is not up to standard, there are problems with the accompanying construction of the packaging machine, such as cartoning machines, filling machines, and reels. For example, the cartoning machine cannot be opened or closed, and the filling machine cannot normally fill materials, etc., which not only affects the efficiency of the entire food packaging production line, but also directly leads to unqualified food packaging, and can not play a good role in ensuring food safety.


2. Packaging speed

At present, most food production basically realizes assembly line operation, and food packaging( tomato sauce packing machine supplier china) is only a part of the production line. If the user chooses a food packaging machine without considering whether the packaging speed is suitable for the operation of the entire production line, it may cause the packaging process to be unable to connect with other processes, resulting in a stoppage in the middle. Therefore, users should purchase packaging machines according to the needs of the production line to ensure that the packaging speed of the packaging machine is seamlessly connected with the running speed of other food processing equipment to achieve efficient operation.


3. Select the appropriate equipment according to the actual needs

Due to the variety of packaging equipment in the market, prices, comprehensive performance and functions are different. For example, vacuum packaging machines, modified atmosphere packaging machines, and skin packaging machines, all three types of equipment can protect food safety and achieve the purpose of product preservation.

But in comparison, the body packaging machine is more expensive, and it is mostly used for the packaging of meat, fruits and vegetables, food, etc. The other two packaging machines have been widely used in the preservation of food, fruits and vegetables. If the purpose of product preservation is simply achieved, from the perspective of cost saving, it is recommended to choose a vacuum packaging machine or a modified atmosphere packaging machine.


4. Packaging automation and intelligence

According to relevant forecasts, the food automation industry will reach 2.5 billion US dollars by 2022. Today, with the continuous increase of automation and intelligence in the food industry, how to improve the automation level of the food processing industry and food packaging industry is a problem that enterprises need to think about. With the continuous advancement of the wave of "machine substitution", many enterprises have carried out industrial upgrading and transformation, introduced robots, and have been applied to various links such as sorting, packaging, handling, and stacking.

In the packaging process, the application of food packaging machine equipment( potato chips packing machine price)not only greatly improves the production efficiency of food packaging machines, but also improves the automation and intelligence level of packaging machinery, but also because packaging robots can operate normally in extremely cold, high temperature, and even oxygen-deficient environments. , to help enterprises save the cost of personnel loss in abnormal workshop environment. More importantly, the food packaging robot has high flexibility and can realize the packaging of products of various sizes and shapes on the same packaging line, which meets the needs of the diversified food packaging market.


The above is the relevant introduction on "purchasing packaging machine equipment must look at these four points", the food industry must join industrial production, so as to better improve food production capacity.