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What is the correct way to brew coffee with hanging ears?

What is the correct way to brew coffee with hanging ears?

JYT 2022-05-28 16:38:02

 Instant coffee was very popular in the past, and of course it is also very popular now. People's demand and requirements(small coffee packaging machine factory) for coffee are getting higher and higher. When you go out or travel, hanging ear coffee is a good choice.


In Japan, they are called "Ear Drip Coffee Bags". The prefilled bag has nifty folding wings that hang neatly over the side of a coffee mug, securing the bag near the top of the drinking container so you can pour hot water into a quick specialty coffee. They're popular on camping trips because each bag of ground coffee is wrapped in individual foil bags, so you don't risk getting wet or spoiling, and you don't need to wash any brewing equipment afterwards.


Can hanging ear coffee directly soak the bag of coffee powder in water? Just like making tea. The answer is yes or no, it depends on the individual.


The correct way to drink:

1. Tear open the filter hanger coffee packaging

2. Hang the splint on the cup
After tearing open the package, pull open the cardboard on both sides and hang it on a cup of suitable size. Usually, a normal mug can be used normally. Avoid using a cup with a large mouth, so that the splint cannot be fixed. In this step, you can smell the dry aroma of the coffee first. In addition to judging whether the coffee powder is fresh, you can also taste different coffee aromas.

3. Steamed coffee powder
Prepare hot water of about 85-92 degrees Celsius, start pouring water from the center point, stop when the coffee powder is completely soaked, and wait for 30 seconds. This action is called smouldering, and the coffee powder will expand slightly, expelling the carbon dioxide in the coffee powder, making the subsequent brewing water flow more smoothly.

4. Extract coffee
Slowly pour hot water into the coffee grounds to extract the flavor of the coffee. When brewing, let the water flow around the filter to ensure that the hot water soaks all the coffee grounds. 11g of coffee powder can brew about 180ml of coffee. If you can't grasp the amount of water, you can fill the non-woven coffee bag with hot water about twice.

5 After brewing, remove the ear bag from the cup and enjoy delicious filter coffee. The brewed ear bag can be thrown away directly, or put in the refrigerator to deodorize.


The above is about the correct brewing method of hanging ear coffee. Friends in need can contact us, drip coffee bag packing machine China manufacturer.