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What are the precautions for buying a cartoning machine

What are the precautions for buying a cartoning machine

JYT 2022-08-29 18:16:32

According to the use of the cartoning machine, it can be divided into semi-automatic cartoning machine and full-automatic cartoning machine. The semi-automatic cartoning machine can automatically complete the opening and sealing of boxes, but it needs to manually load the materials into the cartons. It is called the semi-automatic cartoning machine because it needs manual assistance to complete all the processes. The full-automatic cartoning machine can automatically complete the folding of instructions, the packing and sealing of materials, and some fully functional full-automatic cartoning machines also have the functions of sealing, labeling or heat shrinkable coating.

What factors should be paid attention to when buying a cartoning machine? (China cartoning machine factory)The following will help you analyze the performance of the cartoning machine and what services the supplier provides best for you.


01 choose the cartoning machine according to the product.

The cartoning machine you choose should match your product. (China cellophane packing machine factory)For example, if the product can flow freely (granular objects or loose parts), you should choose the vertical type of cartoning machine. For products that can be loaded both vertically and horizontally, horizontal equipment is preferred. Most of the cartoning machines on the market are horizontal loading machines, which are more flexible and lower cost than vertical cartoning machines.

02 determine the maximum loading speed

The first thing to confirm is whether the cartoning work is completed on the production line or offline. For online speed, divide the maximum production speed of the product by the number of product packages in each carton, and then consider the overload capacity (the possibility of improving the production speed through new processes or technologies). For offline speed, the transportation quota of each day, week or month shall be determined, and the actual number of days per week or hours per day shall be used to calculate how many cartons can be loaded per minute.

03 selection of materials

Do you use raw cardboard (new fiber, more expensive) or recycled materials (cheaper)? Poor quality materials will definitely affect the packing quality. You also need to consider the design of the cover plate and gluing format of the carton, which should be prepared in advance, instead of solving this problem after the equipment has been delivered to the site.

04 make good use of the supplier's experience and knowledge, and let your carton supplier join your project team.

You can benefit a lot from bringing together material experts and equipment experts. Sometimes small changes in carton design, materials and coating can greatly improve the performance of the cartoning machine. Sometimes, if the equipment supplier can specially design the equipment, you may be able to optimize your carton design and use thinner materials to save costs.

05 after the later service and training machine is installed in the factory, the supplier shall continue to provide technical support.

By knowing how many service technicians the supplier has, we can know how fast his service feedback is. If you and the supplier are in different areas, make sure you are in the service coverage area of the supplier? How long will it take? Is there a technical service department (helpdesk)? Can I call for technical questions? Or discuss the future performance of the device. Generally speaking, after buying a new machine, customers need to train operators, maintenance and electrical technology. Therefore, they should choose a supplier that can provide comprehensive training services.

06 can be integrated with upstream and downstream equipment is often overlooked.

The cartoning machine is generally located in the middle of the production line. It is necessary to ensure that the cartoning machine you buy is connected and communicated with the upstream and downstream equipment. This is because a production line also includes other kinds of machines, such as film coating machine, glue spraying machine and box opening and sealing machine. So when you buy a cartoning machine, make sure your supplier knows how to integrate the production line.

07 delivery time

Today's customers require fast delivery, and more importantly, they require suppliers to deliver the machines within the agreed time limit. You can request the supplier's production plan to ensure all production steps, including design, procurement, assembly, testing, wiring and programming.

08 replacement of parts

When you want to produce another size of packaging, how can you make the conversion speed faster? Are your parts marked and classified by color? Are all components used in one size the same color? Don't forget to color classify your parts. In addition, you should think about how to store and place these parts and components, so that they can be found quickly when looking for them.

09 don't forget spare parts

Once the actual situation allows, you should ask the supplier to provide a list of key spare parts and a list of recommended spare parts. Let these spare parts be delivered with the machine so that if a fault occurs during the start-up of the machine, you can solve it quickly. You need to check these two lists to see what parts you have and what can be purchased from local suppliers.