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How to find customers for automation equipment sales?

How to find customers for automation equipment sales?

JYT 2022-08-27 17:28:05

Equipment automation is the only way for factories to develop and upgrade in recent years, which means that machines or devices are automatically operated or controlled according to prescribed procedures or instructions, thereby eliminating manual operations. Automation technology can liberate people from heavy manual labor, part of mental labor and harsh and dangerous working environments, and more importantly, can greatly improve labor productivity.

The following introduces the methods and methods of automation equipment sales to obtain customers

1. Customer referral
When the customers you develop have a high degree of recognition of your company's products and are satisfied with your services, you can increase the customer's brand loyalty to the company. Then you can get to know some potential customers through these customers,(tea bag packing machine china factory) and due to the relationship of customer referrals, the trust of potential customers in you will be greatly increased, and your success rate in developing potential customers will also be improved.

In fact, every industry has formed a certain industry circle, and the automation equipment industry is the same, the circle is not large. Therefore, as long as the existing customers are well served, the value-added of customers can be realized in the later stage, which is a very good method.


2. Ask experienced seniors for advice
When a salesperson in the automation equipment industry first entered the industry, due to the lack of understanding of the industry, one of the difficulties faced by entering the industry is to find customers and develop customers. At this time, a guide is needed, and the guide can be an experienced senior in the industry. (China coffee packing machine supplier)Asking seniors for advice can help new salesmen understand the development trend of the industry and the direction of some key customers, so as to avoid hitting the wall.


3. Exhibition
Automation equipment companies can find customers by participating in the exhibition. Generally, those who participate in the exhibition are peers or enterprises in need. Therefore, the exhibition is a gathering place for a large amount of information. As long as enterprises participate, they will definitely get information. When participating in the exhibition, corporate salesmen can study the products of potential customers and find out the compatibility of their own products with their products; after exchanging business cards with each other, they can simply communicate with each other to leave a deep impression on the other party, and timely after the exhibition Contact to avoid customers forgetting.


4. Professional customer acquisition software
Professional customer acquisition software captures information from massive amounts of information based on big data. For example, the guest company directory search software is created based on the public data of the whole network. It contains more than 100 million national company directory data. It collects, cleans, and labels massive data to form structured data to help you quickly find out the automation equipment. client.

Through the guest company directory search software, (Flour Packaging Machine Supplier china)you can query basic information such as contacts, contact information, industries, etc., and the software system continuously analyzes and mines online company information on the entire network, combines with each company's internal customer relationship management system, and uses Machine learning automatically establishes a quantitative customer model, provides insight into customer needs in advance, and facilitates companies to discover customers. In addition, the guest suite supports multi-dimensional combination filtering, which can help you quickly find your target company in the massive information.