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What is cellophane

What is cellophane

JYT 2022-05-16 16:40:03

Packaging paper can be roughly divided into two categories: food packaging paper and industrial packaging paper. Food packaging paper requires a certain strength and meets hygiene standards. Industrial packaging paper requires high strength, good toughness, and certain Special properties required by some special packaging. However, some wrapping papers can be used as both food packaging and industrial product packaging. These two types of packaging paper are required not only to protect the safety of goods, but also to decorate the goods. Packaging paper generally includes paper bag paper, kraft paper, ordinary food packaging paper, cellophane, parchment paper and other packaging papers.


So let's talk about what is cellophane? How is the cellophane packaged?

Cellophane is completely transparent and as bright as glass, it is a high-grade packaging paper. The paper is mainly suitable for the beautification packaging of medicine, food, textiles, precision instruments and other commodities, because of its transparency, the commodities can be seen.
Its features are as follows:
①Transparency: The transmittance of visible light reaches 100%, which can improve the decorative effect and value of goods. 

②Gloss: It has a very beautiful luster.
③Printability: The printing of cellophane is superior to that of general wrapping paper and plastic film, and any complex pattern can be printed perfectly.
④ Impermeability: In the case of dryness, it has the ability to almost cut off oxygen, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and other gases. It can prevent deterioration due to the presence of oxygen in the product packaging.
⑤ Oil resistance: It has strong barrier ability to oily commodities, alkaline commodities and organic solvents.

⑥ Non-conductive: cellophane is different from general plastic film, it will not generate static electricity. Therefore, there is no unpleasant feeling of electric shock when touched by hand.
⑦Anti-ash property: Because the surface of the paper is bright and smooth, without static electricity, it is not easy to stick to dust, and even if it sticks, it is easy to blow off. The plastic film is easy to stick to dust, and it is not easy to clean.

⑧Heat resistance: It can be heat resistant up to 190℃, but not fire resistant.

The packaging of cellophane is inseparable from the China cellophane packaging machine factory. Here we recommend an automatic perfume tissue tea box cellophane packaging machine. This machine is very convenient to use and has the following characteristics:
1. It can automatically complete a series of processes such as feeding, film pulling, cutting, and sealing.
2. There is no need to adjust the height of the two working surfaces of the machine when changing the mold, and there is no need to disassemble the unloading chain and the unloading hopper.
3. Using a new type of double protection mechanism, the machine will not be out of step and other spare parts will not be damaged without stopping the machine.
4. The original unilateral hand pendulum device prevents the machine from shaking badly, and the handwheel does not rotate during the operation of the machine to ensure the safety of the operator.
5. The new double-rotation film cutting machine ensures that the machine can be used for many years without sharpening, which overcomes the defect of easy wear and tear of the traditional fixed single-rotation film cutting machine.

The above is about what is cellophane, and if the packaging is completed, friends in need can contact us Foshan Jiayite factory.