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How to choose coffee bean packaging?

How to choose coffee bean packaging?

JYT 2022-05-16 17:25:31

It is often said that the best tasting period of coffee beans is 3 months, but after grinding it becomes 1 month. What is the reason for this?


A distinctive feature that is different from other foods is that coffee beans release carbon dioxide, and different chemicals inside the coffee powder interact and volatilize, so the flavor of coffee will be lost over time, which is why freshly roasted Coffee will be a little more expensive, but taste the best.


The roasted coffee beans will continue to release carbon dioxide gas and need to be exhausted, but when they come into contact with the air, they will oxidize and absorb impurities and odors in the air. Therefore, the packaging of coffee beans directly affects the life of coffee beans. When choosing, it is recommended that you do not focus on the exquisiteness of the packaging, but pay attention to:

1. Packaging material
Packaging of different materials has a great impact on the quality of coffee after 1 or 2 months of storage. For the packaging choice of the coffee bean packaging machine, you must choose a conscientious businessman with packaging with functions such as oxygen insulation and light protection. It is recommended that you take a look at the China bean packaging machine manufacturers.

2. Sealing
Some coffees are still imported from abroad, and the entire circulation cycle is relatively long, and sealing is particularly critical. No matter what kind of packaging, the coffee beans will be aged after being opened, so it is best to have a sealing strip on the packaging. A good sealing strip will help to slow down the "aging period" of the coffee beans.


The degree of roasting is not only reflected in the different colors of coffee beans, but also in the different tastes it brings to consumers. Generally speaking, light roasting has less effect on the flavor of coffee beans, and more of the original flavor of coffee beans, with high acidity, less bitterness, and low mellowness, making it suitable for hand brewing; medium roasting has a better aroma, and the acidity and bitterness are more balanced, can reveal the potential flavor of coffee beans; heavy roasting has a rich body, roasted aroma and caramel aroma, suitable for Italian style. It is recommended that you can choose "exclusive" coffee beans according to your own preferences.