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Which products are suitable for food pillow packaging machine?

Which products are suitable for food pillow packaging machine?

JYT 2022-04-11 16:55:29

Many friends don't know much about the professional knowledge of the food pillow packaging machine itself. On the other hand, what are the requirements for the products they want to buy, and they don't know what aspects to look for when purchasing. Always hesitate on the way to buy equipment.


Regarding the question of which products are suitable for the food pillow packaging machine, here is a detailed explanation of individual products.

1. For candy and chocolate, most candy and chocolate manufacturers currently use pillow packaging. The packaging forms of candy and chocolate mainly include kink packaging, pillow packaging and folding packaging. Twisted packaging is the oldest form of packaging. This type of packaging is mostly used for candies. It can be done not only by high-speed, automated packaging machines, but also by manual operations. Pillow packaging was popular internationally in the 1970s.

There are two main categories of materials for packaging candy in China since the 1980s: one is automatic packaging of composite film (pillow packaging), the other is twisted conjunctival film with kink packaging, which is generally a single film (non-composite film). 


There are no examples here. In fact, the food pillow packaging machine(China fruit and vegetable packing machine factory) is suitable for a lot of products. Any block material can be packed by the pillow packaging machine. Therefore, in the packaging industry, the pillow packaging machine is called the most widely used in the packaging equipment industry. one of the packaging equipment.


2. Disposable toothpaste, toothbrush and chopsticks. The basic structure of these products is similar to that of candy packaging. The only difference is the difference in packaging materials. Some food products are packaged with PE film, and some are composite film. Requirements are less important.


3. Industrial supplies, such as semi-finished toys, and even some hardware products use pillow packaging, etc. The structure and performance of the equipment are basically the same.


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