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Liquid Packaging Machine Essentials: 3 Important Details You Must Know

Liquid Packaging Machine Essentials: 3 Important Details You Must Know

JYT 2022-03-11 15:01:29

Whether sauces, thick creams, gels, or even water, liquid packs are quick, clean and easy to pack using modern flexible liquid packaging machines. If you want to automate liquid bag packaging, there are three things a packaging equipment manufacturer or integrator needs to know in order to provide the best liquid packaging machine for your application.


Viscosity is another name for packaging in liquid packaging, and viscosity is defined as a measure of resistance to fluid flow. It describes the internal friction of a moving fluid. Liquids with higher viscosity, such as icing sugar or molasses, prevent movement because their molecular composition creates a lot of friction inside them.


Less viscous fluids, such as water or corn oil, flow easily because their molecular makeup creates little friction as they move. Calculating viscosity requires too much math for packaging users and can be most easily measured using specialized equipment. However, a simplified formula for measuring viscosity is as follows:

Viscosity = Shear Stress/Shear Rate.
Usually expressed in centipoise (cps). Water is 1 cps standard. Liquid products like honey have a viscosity of 2000-3000 cps.Condiments such as ketchup or mustard have a viscosity of 50,000-70,000 cps.


In the consumer packaged goods (CPG) world, viscosity affects how quickly a liquid product moves through a pipe, when it solidifies or dries, and for how long. The fluid needs to be dispensed into its packaging. When choosing a liquid packaging machine, the viscosity of the product is a crucial detail and must be accurate. Viscosity determines the type of product filler used: it must provide the right amount of force to induce flow, but not so much that the package will overfill.


1. The filling temperature affects the viscosity of the liquid

The filling temperature of liquid products is very important for packaging projects, especially when the product is being filled. Most liquid products flow more easily when heated. Depicts the consistency of frost or oil when heated; its viscosity is significantly reduced and it becomes more free-flowing. In order to provide the most efficient packaging solution for liquid packaging machines, accurate filling temperatures must be provided.

2. Size matters

Liquids such as salad dressings, soups, and sauces often contain particulates. These particles are usually spices and flavorings, such as small vegetable pieces. The particles can be suspended in the liquid product, or they can settle to the bottom of the liquid.

When microparticles are used to package liquids, special care must be taken to accurately describe and measure their average size and general properties. The presence of particles will determine the type of product fill your liquid packaging solution requires for the most accurate and unobstructed dispensing.

3. Liquid Packaging Solutions

(1) Various packaging equipment has been installed in the facilities of the liquid packaging project
(2) Hot filling bulk soup with granules;
(3) Various liquid products are filled into new prefabricated STANDCAP bags;
(4) Filling and sealing the sauce into prefabricated stand-up bags;
(5) Liquid and gel ice packs for meal kits and medical/therapeutic use;
(6) Small sticks or sachets of condiments, flavor enhancers and cleaners;


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